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The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, on Economic Crisis

Warren Buffett, an Obama supporter, appeared on CNBC for three hours this morning, speaking out on the Economic Crisis and what must be done to solve it.

In summary,
1. Government must focus on fixing the economy and nothing else until that's done.
2. Minority must support the President in achieving #1.
3. Majority must not antagonize Minority by pushing through controversial initiatives that don't directly help to achieve #1.
4. Finger pointing by both sides on which caused the crisis must end.

Watch all the video on CNBC!

"Economy has Fallen off a Cliff": Protected content
"Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste?": Protected content
"Fear Affects Everyone": Protected content
"Banks Should get back to Banking": Protected content
"Crooks and Investment Advice": Protected content
"Bailing out the Big Three Automakers and Fixing Housing": Protected content
"Deals and Investment Opportunities": Protected content
"Finding the Right Solution to fix the Economy": Protected content
"Advice for the Administration": Protected content
"On Raising Taxes to Save the Economy": Protected content
"Final Thoughts on Economy": Protected content

Will anybody listen?

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