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1. The Sale must be settled before the 31st of January, although the signature could be made afterwards.
2. That I, the Director of the Global Hotel Brokers Alliance do not have enough Money to make it.

If you find any other, kindly let me know. It is paramount for the Alliance not to lose any credibility for trying to sell something as The Perfect Investment if it is not.
1. The 4th most relevant city in The European Office Rental Index: Paris, by JonesLangLaSalle Study (Enclosed number 1)
2. The second largest yield rate (Paris, District 19th) in Protected content 2007, as per JonesLangLaSalle Study (Enclosed number 2, page 3)
3. The third largest yield rate in Protected content , with an increase of 0,75 per cent over Protected content , as JonesLangLaSalle Study (Enclosed number 3, page 6).
4. Impressive potential for rental growth per square metre per year, as per Study by JonesLangLaSalle (Enclosed number 4, page 3): Paris 19th district is at the moment at 330€/m2/year, while the most expensive area is at 825€/m2/year.
5. Most possibilities of future increases in the market, as pre-view by JonesLangLaSalle in their Study about the potential for Large Buildings Worldwide and in Paris (Enclosed number 5)
6. Price per square metre in the area of District 19th La Villette, goes from a minimum in apartments of 4,591€ m2, to an average of 9.329€ m2 as per The Global Property Guide and new construction between 6.000€m2 to 10.000€m2, as per JonesLangLaSalle (Enclosed Study number 6)

1. TOUR LA VILLETTE, an Emblematic High Rise Building of 36 floors and Protected content high, with a net rental office and parking space of 39.412 m2, total built: 41.237 m2, with Protected content spaces in two floors.
2. Selling Price: 140.298.507€ plus a 3% commission to be paid by the buyer = 4.208.955 Euros. Total Selling Price: 144.507.462€
There is the VAT if the buyer is from the European Union.
The Notary and other taxes costs is 7% on the amount registered at the Deed.
3. Potential Rental at Protected content cent occupancy: 9.400.000€
4. Potential yield at Protected content cent occupancy: 6,7 per cent.
5. Actual Rental and Yield:

At Sep 08: Protected content , yield 4,97 per cent (Enclosed number 7, page 7)
At 4 Nov 08: Protected content , yield 4,99 per cent (Enclosed number 8))
6. The average rent now stands at €257 ex VAT/sq.m./year.
According to the JonesLangLaSalle Study (see 4 above), the potential is at €330 m2/year.
7. Valuation of the Building according to Enclosed 6:
7.1. = 4,591€ m2 x 41.237 m2 = 189.319.067€
7.2. = 6.000€ (minimum) x 41.237 m2 = 247.422.000€
7.3. = 8.000€ (average) x 41.237 m2 = 329.896.000€

Consequently, it is not unreasonable to confirm that the buyer will make, the day after the investment an AVERAGE GAIN of 101.217.331€ Protected content : 3)
a. 34.990.709€ Protected content – 154.328. Protected content cost-)
b. 93.093.643€ Protected content – 154.328.357)
c. 175.567.643€ Protected content – 154.328.357)
Total 303.651.995€
Kindly let me know if you have any serious interested client who is prepared to send the LOI and I will provide all the above documentation to you. Please note you will have to, previously, signed the Working Agreement of the Global Hotel Brokers Alliance, if you have not done so already.
I remain at your service.
Kind regards,
Eduardo Martinez
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