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The Power of Perspective & Photography


As Change Makers you have a unique perspective on the world, and see it differently than most. But if you are anything like me, sometimes seeing it all can be too much. Sometimes I get tunnel vision and only see what's wrong in the world. I can sometimes get so focussed on solving problems and work, I exclude everything else. Seeing the world this way feels heavy and dark.

The great news is that I have learned techniques to widen my lens and let in a little more light, to find more balance and to see possibilities everywhere. These techniques have expanded my view, my world and made it oh so much lighter.

In the e-course The Power of Perspective & Photography: 6 weeks to change how you see your world, I will be sharing everything that I have learned so that you can have the same toolkit available to you anywhere, anytime.

Check it out and register this week to get the early bird special!

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