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The quantification of the human value


Can we quantify the human value?

Can we assign a number to an individual or team, wich signs a temporary or relative or permanent value, for decision making?

which systems do you know for the quantification of the human value, for decision making and management?

Consider a CFO at a family organization, or a community based organization or a corporation, for profit, non profit or government institution, under the enquire process of: Why to give responsibility role to an individual, or invest in a particular organization development process,with multiple purposes or aims, for example generation of profit but as well empowerment of employees, and experience of application and challenge necessary for advancing management capacity, and innovation or development of products or services, as well organization change, and perception advancement. The CFO needs to quantify the importance of each decision, the value of each individual and the potential benefits. HHRR may quantify according to CV, evaluation process and performance. How to advance the quantification of human value, or human species value?

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