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The secret casts - the solution for your world


Let me share with you nurturing information and questions for your brilliant hearts!

" to tell that the radio machine is the source of the voice and message of the DJ, is like to tell consciousness source is the human brain" ~ aphorism adapted by me.

While the world realize that democracy and free market and capitalism wont cocreate sustainable development ever, and human factor solutions are necessary to solve the core variable of global sustainable development, i would like to share with you the following information:

>You have been living in a secret casts system
>YOu will live in a casts system for ever.

In order to study that information and evaluate the reality of it in your own life for yourself, i would like you to read the following text i wrote.

The following text have been shared in between circles of people that have been looking for alternatives models of social management or progress, while i have been suggesting to them the following information: what ever type of social management or social organization model they might like to implement , there is only one that has concrete existance/reality, only one that is tangible and wont change even generations, history, sages, governments models, and cultures would change, it will remiain as it is after empires or world domination and its dominion do not limit itself to the earth but cross realms to the stars and paralel dimensions of existance (in case you are now capable to live with the information that exist inteligent life in other dimensions or planets, and that intelligence might have own culture and also a type of interdimensional politics).

In any case, an expanded consciousness, ( for some mind for others heart and for others organic body), looking for discovering alternative solutions for the development of life of humanoid type of species, might not abandon the field of research, while, at certain point, might arrive to the following information, if follow an honest search for the truth behind all that is.

While many of you already know i am politeist, and strongly encourage you to work on the human factor, self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-love, self-consciousness for the sustainability of your own (collective, culture and species). This request have a mayor meaning, which is to suggest to you that to work on the described field, would bring for you, your life experience, yourself, a change of mayor importance: a change, shift of cast, thanks to your shift of consciousness.

I will suggest here some ideas, you can try them out, or left them aside. But if you consider for a second that i might be right, try to inmeditaly find out how could you evaluate what consciousness is (in this contet) and is not or how consciousness defines culture, species and development, also behaviour.

Consider for a while that all that you know, is not all that exist in your planet/realm.

If you are curiouse, you might find a gate, a window, from which to observe again a reality you thought you knew. While the experience of observation might create questions for yourself, you yourself, what you decided you are or know yourself about yourself, might also change not out of the questions, but of the knowledge of our real nature, realized through the natural self-consciouss self-experience of it.

As a reference, the pieces of information some casts systems used on earth, that have been registered by modern human history, do not refer correctly to the original casts system that still exist in the whole planet or in the multiverse, apparently those registered by the history you know did try to reproduce something that was partialy perceived, probably with the intent to recreate by human mind and hands the divine order.

It is not about theocracy, it is about reality, of the nature of any inteligent species and its ultimate possibilities of development.

as i suggested in another post, thread, humanity on earth find itself in a peak of evolution, what ever humanity on earth will do between Protected content Protected content define its destiny as a species, independently of the timelines ( progress or development) chosen, is its consciousness as collective, self-awareness as collective that will define its function as a species in the quantumverse, there for also its relative value and the potential interest of other cultures in a tangible interaction and collaboration.

While, the question remains, if it is your cast the one that would care for that interaction with advanced multivesial levels of consciousness?

REF. quantumverse, a verse which holds multiverses, A mathematically prooved reality that the modern technology is not yet capable to explore, but because of the quantum reality of nature you cannot take for unreal. You live in a multidimensional-verse. The only possible path to demonstrate that fact/reality would be for you to develop the ability to cross dimensions and come back. You can take it for materially unpossible, or for consciousness impossible, as you wish, or the other way around.

maybe the gods and goddesses in a state of prime-self-union know. As i said, i am politeist, in my knowledge, all the real divine ones, are immerssed in the original prime source and its nature, and could express themselves as humans just for the sake of own self-enjoyment and self-expression. Probably you met them ones or would.

Well, if you look for a solution for the human world, why not to study first the nature of the human reality, and of all that is, and collaborate with its unfolding?

here we go:


You are/have been/will be living into a secret casts system (consciousness based self-organization)

Humanity, is living immerssed in a cast system, which is secret.

Why is secret? unless you have the level of consciousness necessary to perceive it, you wont.

Even you might have the information now, what you would perceive and do out of the perception and with the informtion or relative experience of it, will vary according to your consciousness and self-prime-union state level.

So it is secret, all that individuals/collectives in/within other levels of consciousness really do, you wont perceive nor innerstand its menaing, until you upgrade by your own consciousness and re-perceive your own.

The casts system exists. But notice that each casts is unaware of the other ones, it has a blinded perception of its own realm, which itself as a cast decided to belief : its own perception is the "all that is" reality it is living in.

The level of consciousness define a cast, means, the organic ability to tangibly do and create in the world out of the knowledge available for the cast members.
Knowledge of a cast is available, thanks to level of consciousness, which is natural, only for those borned at that particular cast. ( consciousness define your cast)

In a modern society, not limited by political, cultural, wealth, gender, history, religion structures, the consciousness shift self-created by individuals, will define the access to another cast self experience.

Which means, at this time, and it did take place in all times, while now seems to be for some of you thi informtion finally accessible, possible to shift of casts.

The shift process obviously wont be perceived nor correctly understood by the original cast memebrs that are not self-moved to shift/change casts..

As every cast is immerssed in the same situation.

Only a cast with inclusive perception (consciousness) of the multi-casts realm (system of self-organization based on consciousness) will know, all secrets of every cast.

If you would like to ascend, shift of cast, you need to upgrade! your consciousness.

While shift of consciousness cannot be bought, it only can take place innerly, by self-consciouss means: there is no method nor advicer or service or individual that can do it for you.

Most of shift of consciousness guides (or advicers, or messangers) that sell to you change, are actually only making profit out of the ignorance of the individuals that decide to belief that they are capable to innerstand the casts information. Most of them do not really know about the secret changes that are possible. actually, all of them, that deeply belief are capable to shift you, are themselvs, a nother cast

Those shift advicers themselves are only up to making money out of your wish of shiffting and will most of the time make you pay for something you need to do by your own.

While no one will do it for you.

Your own choices will bring you to the right people, and knowledge on what is necessary to do, when and why. If you succeed on that challenge, it will be only because your consciousness shifted. If that shift took place for even few instants, then, it would mean there is a little chance, you would change in one single life.

Fear is not necessary. The spiritual realm you exist (self-express yourself) now, is about to change, you know that.

As your real nature is free of that construct (set up).

In any case the set up have had a relative function.

To master it (the set up and the realm), at this point, as a traveler, is your main duty, a matter of self-responsibility.

Travel, and make out of your travel, your destiny, to self-prime-union!

From the booklet > The CASTs > by L D Maldonado Fonken

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