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TOIS is a business focused on Creating Opportunities to connect with Funds, as a retained Financial Intermediary.
TOIS can give one the Tools to become Self-Employed so long as one is Confident in their Communication Skills; and comfortable with approaching Business Owners and Executives.
· A TOIS Broker's role is to qualify companies that need survival funds for expanding and growing their business.
· An Independent TOIS Broker can earn up to 20% by assisting with Underwriting Loan Packages. This includes Client Relationship Management, through both the pre and post closing process, and ultimate receipt of Success Fees.
· TOIS offers a 10% Finder’s Fee for simply referring clients that retain TOIS to secure Funds for their business.
Visit Protected content for details on doing business with TOIS. Should someone who you know be positioned to hire him self or her self today, and begin earning fee income, please have him or her to do the following:
· Send an e-mail ( Protected content ) or fax Protected content containing one Protected content of Protected content maximum that describes why you believe that you can comfortably approach business owners that require Bail Out capital in the $250,000 to $10 million range.
· Please highlight the motivation and proven skills for earning Fee Income from anticipated efforts to connect TOIS with prospective businesses.
Thank you for your consideration!
! Get involved in creating Jobs for others, Hire One's Self!

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