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This March, the 62nd meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) will be held at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The first draft of the document has very positive aspects, such as the encouragement of women's participation in rural cooperatives or the fight against female mutilation.

Nevertheless, the initial document also contains several references to the "right to abortion" and the "gender perspective" (feminist approach). These are some of the problem points:

Point 7 calls for the defense of health rights, including sexual and reproductive health and sexual and reproductive rights (euphemisms used in the international language for the promotion of abortion).
Point 10 states that for full respect for the human rights of girls and women and for their 'empowerment', it is necessary to guarantee their sexual and reproductive rights.
In section 12c there is a call for the development of policies and legislation with a "gender perspective".
In paragraph 12, there is an appeal to member states to invest in sexual and reproductive health services for girls and women.
In section 12.z there is a call for universal access to health, including sexual and reproductive health and family planning services.
In paragraph 12c, states are requested to develop gender statistics in order to implement policies with a gender perspective.
Points 14 and 16 again call for policies with a 'gender perspective'.
In short:

The document does not mention at any time the need to implement policies with a family perspective, but only with a "gender perspective".
Appeal openly to the "right to abortion"; it is also stated that such a right is necessary to guarantee women's 'empowerment' and gender equality.
What can we do?

Some members of the CitizenGO team will be present at CSW62. Six of our collaborators will speak with the delegates to show them why this text should not be approved as it stands.

If you want us to take your signature to the delegates, sign the petition and be sure to share it with your family, friends and contacts.

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