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The World's Best Country for Women - Sweden ?

If you want to be happy, healthy, and powerful, you might consider packing your bags and moving to a picturesque country on the other side of the Atlantic. According to a new report, Sweden tops out as the #1 place for women to live.

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Is Sweden the best country for women? Not so sure about that, quotes from link:

-A Protected content by the World Economic Forum found this Scandinavian nation to be the world's "most advanced country" for women, with greater levels of equality, power, health, and well-being among women than anywhere else.

-Women here are judged on their talents, not their gender," she says. "If you're good at what you do, you can get to the top very fast."

- The government gave women equal rights to inherit property way back in Protected content in Protected content , it introduced the world's first formalized maternity-leave program.

-In Protected content , the Swedish Lutheran church changed its doctrine to permit women to become priests. And today, female politicians make up around half of the Swedish parliament.

-"Anti-Sexism Awareness Training" begins in kindergarten, where male toddlers are encouraged to play with dolls, and females with toy tractors.

-In school, classes in cooking, sewing, metalworking, and woodworking are compulsory for both sexes.

-All education, including college, is free, and girls routinely outperform boys; in Protected content , women made up more than 60 percent of all Swedish college students.

-According to one study, Swedish men do more housework than men anywhere else — an average of 24 hours per week!

-Stockholm's chief of police is a woman, in charge of fighting crime in the capital with a force of Protected content .

-Women take home an average of $22,000 per year, compared with $29,000 for American women. Yet prices in Sweden are up to four times higher.

-Swedish men rarely offer to pay, nor do they perform any other conventional courtesies, such as holding a door open or helping a woman visibly struggling under the load of a heavy bag.

-By American standards, Swedish men are painfully slow to make the first romantic move.

-You can sleep with whomever — there's no stigma against women who've had many sexual partners.

-Swedish couples, women and men - get 13 months paid leave and another three months at a fixed rate.

-Women's sports are given as much TV airtime as men's, sometimes with higher ratings.

-Sweden's pay-to-pee public toilets are often unisex to minimize those infamously long lines for women's bathrooms.

-World's first "female-friendly car," unveiled in Protected content Swedish auto giant Volvo.

A glaring inequality persists in the wage gap — women earn 83 percent of the average male salary.

-And Amnesty International recently criticized Sweden for not doing enough to tackle domestic violence and discrimination against ethnic minorities.

What do you think, is the best country for women Sweden? Where about other countries for women? What's do you like or not like?

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