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There is something above nationalism and Religion


Well are we civilized enough . I mean Humans have been fighting and killing each other from the dawn of the civilization and its been continuing with no end in sight . We have grown in our understanding of nature , of the laws that govern it . We now know how the evolution worked over million of years to achieve what we call the human kind today , but sadly we are still fighting and killing each other for numerous reasons .

Two ideologies which defines the conflict in the modern world is nationalism and religion . Every country in this world believes its the best. That's the basic premise of keeping it together . All nations , barring a few is made of people who share some kind of cultural , racial , linguistic or religious traits. We are taught in our schools how our nation is the greatest and the most noblest of all . How from the very early age we are indoctrinated to believe what we are told . How we define enemies from the very young age . How we learn to back our governments in whatever they choose to do , to die for your country ..or rather giving us the right to kill another human being legally on the pretext of saving our nation . The good and evil defined like that has worked and surprisingly still works even in the age of internet , where the world has shrunk like anything and the common citizens of all countries are interacting with each other like never before .

Then there are these great religions . The shining light of humankind :), which sadly could never agree with one another . We are fighting for those texts written in different world for different people and amazingly still means different things to different people. We are taking and losing precious lives who could have done so much for the mankind . We are ruining lives of millions of children who will grow up to believe the same ideologies that took their childhood away for the lack of proper education and healthy environment.

Here's my question . Does morality comes from religion or fundamental guidelines of nation states. Do we need to believe in any ideologies to be a good human being , to love fellow human beings and to do good for the world as a whole by not confining our goodness to a certain group . Why one man in US killed is news and Protected content in Africa isn't worth a look . Why we cling to our identity so tight that nothing else matter. The cries of the children , the shrieks of the mothers and the sadness in the eyes of every grieving soul does not need a religion to be felt . We feel it because we are humans . And we don't feel it because our humanity has taken a back seat to our false ideologies .

Why we fight. I assume the answer lies in the word Fight itself .

F : Fear
I : Ignorance
G : Greed
H : Hatred
T : Threat

These doesn't need an explanation . All these working together culminate into wars , killings , beheading , Genocides , Massacres . I of ignorance should be replaced with I of intelligence and R of rationality , then we can very well see how we can replace F.I.G.H.T with what is R.I.G.H.T

As (R)ationality and
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We need to be rational , We need to ask why . We need to understand the grey matter , that the world has no clear demarcations of good and evil , right and wrong . That it is for us to ask ourselves , whenever we choose to follow something, We need to ask ourselves so loudly that our soul can hear what we are saying . Our soul will then give us clear and concise answers , and guide us . That is the path we should tread.

May Humanity and Rationality Prevail .


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