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Think Global and Act Local


I've seen this slogan somewhere quite long time ago.

On the one hand; how can a human being think and maybe feel globally who never lived for a longer time period in at least one other country or culture? He or she can use just abstract information, I think. I experienced that at least 3 years he/she has to live in another county or culture to get a feeling and some understanding for it and after about 10 years is this “new” region his/her home.

On the other hand; we are living from the local infrastructure, also from the local economy, and culture e.g. how people interact to each other. So the local region is also very important…

So “expats” are a great value for the local patriots as well, but many of them cannot appreciate them, because of their narrow mind, which see just a new threat or danger for their lifestyle in expats, but not the chance to enlarge their horizon.

How do you experience this in your region you are living?

Best Wishes,


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