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Tips - Improve visibility of blog & drive traffic

Tips for improving visibility of your blog and driving traffic
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The content, quality of writing and relevance (or irrelevance) of the subject of your blog to the target audience (reader base) tends to define how popular your blog could actually be.

As blogs are hosted on digital media and a very high % population of users of this media are youngsters, subjects appealing to youngsters (whether practical or impractical, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, real or unreal, social or anti-social or of any other type that seems exciting to them) are likely to become instant hits.

For the more mature audience / readers, your blog subjects, topics , content, style of presentation, visual appeal , animations and ease of searching could make or break the case for you.

There are numerous ways to increase visibility of your blog and several strategies to ensure that your blog becomes 'the hottest thing on the net'. However, from a conservative perspective and for the 'non-fad' subjects, some options come for free and are quite handy. You just need to follow some of these easy tips :

1. Register your blog on google and other search engines with carefully chosen relevant key words / tags attached.

2. Share link of your blog on your linkedin, facebook,other social network sites.

3. Send direct invitation to people you know,who may like and appreciate your work.

4. Share your blog on online and /or social groups like linkedin , facebook , yahoo groups, google groups etc that may be around similar theme or context.

5. Google up and visit blogs of writers writing on similar subjects; share your comments,suggestions and genuine appreciation of their work and invite them to visit your blog. Also seek their comments, suggestions and inputs.

6. Read through linkedIn posts of writers on subjects that interest you and if linkedin group rules permit, share your honest comments/views along with links to your blog page.

7. If any of your friends writes editorials, articles, view points, reviews etc for online or offline media, you could seek their help for insertion of reference to your blog in some of their suitable media write ups.

The above strategy is quite straight forward. More the no. of people redirected to your blog and more the no. of people who tend to search your blog on google or other search engines, higher the indexing of your blog would be ( without paying a penny to any SEO company) and soon your blog would start appearing on first page of search results.

Being regular and consistent in blogging helps as you automatically tend to attract readers from amongst people of similar liking. Also, if your blog is hosted on a popular domain and linked to some social cause , either through its title, content of posts, your own profile or through discussions and comments (yes this happens ! sometimes discussions and comments tend to take a delightfully interesting but absolutely tangential direction to the original context!) , your blog would become searchable by default,unless deliberately avoided.

Another strategy is the more obvious one , involving utilization of paid media and service offerings. World knows about the power of money and there's a deluge of companies out there chasing every available (or potential) dollar in your pocket. Just think about them and they'll drown you with all kinds of lucrative proposals for advertising your blog on every possible type of media , including online, offline, out-of-home and what not , to make your blog , ah, 'the hottest thing on the net'.

I too write a blog which can be seen here: Protected content

I would be very happy to receive comments, suggestions , views or criticism of my posts.

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