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Towards the end of the US Empire

If you read this story (at the link) right the way through, you will appreciate the viciousness of the current worldwide Empire - indeed, what it means to *be* an empire.
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All empires are by their nature vicious, but when a commentator writes about the US's slaughter of civilians in *Fallujah* during the invasion and occupation of Iraq, "The American occupation has been more disastrous than that of the Mongols who sacked Baghdad in the thirteenth century", we seem to have reached a new level of atrocity. And the later descriptions of mindlessly cruel torture add to the picture. Reading and absorbing the reports is not for the squeamish. The US *as a people* is already despised and hated throughout the world by those who know what they are doing, much as the Germans and Russians and Japanese *as peoples* were despised and hated by those who knew what they were doing, in their empires. Those imperial nations recovered their respect after their empires fell, and the US nation will when its empire falls. But not before. Hasten the day!

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