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It is found there is always news about killing of cops or citizens when the police are trying to keep the public order or duty, when they are suspecting if there will be crime by the person they are looking at. To prevent these tragedies from happening again, there are many suggestions that the citizens should practice some self defence skills to fight back so and so.....
However, actually every citizen has already been protected by law of the City I think. Just inappropriate gesture or time make the tragedies happen.

For the recent controversal news, a big Black Guy was killed by gripping the neck causing him suffocated.
According to our Chinese Wisdom, the best survival strategy is "Running Away" (36著走為上著).

Several Points we have to note are that:

1. The Black Guy is very very Big in size and acted in a slow way for everything. I can see he noticed the cops may mis-act but he just cannot "Escape" for his big size and was then attacked also by the coming force. If he was fit, then I am sure he can run away and save his life.

2. If he cannot run away or he had already run away, under the condition that the cops were not going to use any fatal attack or he freezes under the cops' words. He can let the cops search him according to the law of the city or follow them to the police station....

3. Even he was charged to jail...So what? if he is innocent as long as he is alive...I did watch a lot of US drama that there is CSI, Sherlock Holmes (oops, British)...Then he might make a prison break LEGALLY....

4. The point mentioned in 3 is the protection for a citizen by the city law I think, as good as there is no Capital Punishment. Thus I am always thinking Hong Kong is really really SAFE and Good place to stay....

5. Almost forget, always remember to do exercise to keep yourself fit. Good health is important, that is the main point which can keep you alive. Only fit body can keep you running.

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