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Traditional / Authentic food



I would like to ask everyone in the InterNations community for assistance with my Professional Doctorate research. There is no urgency, as this phase of the project will continue for approximately 2 years.

I need to connect with any of the following and in every country in the world:
• Chefs,
• Restaurant owners,
• Food researcher / educators,
• Food tourism operators,
• National and/or regional tourism offices,
• Etc.

Even one contact, anywhere in the world, would be a great help.

My research will start with two questions; something along these lines:
• In your opinion, which 3 statements best define the term ‘Traditional/Authentic Cuisine’?
• In your opinion, which 3 factors support and which 3 factors obstruct the successful introduction of ‘Traditional/Authentic Cuisine’ from one country, into a global city in another country?

Thank you very much for any assistance you can offer.

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