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Tragedy in wait for India...

World over the tendency is to react after the tragedy strike rather than take precautionary or preventive measures. Serious tragedy is now waiting in southern part of India, which is largely neglected by local activists or international bodies strangely enough even the judiciary of India. I am talking about Mullaperiyar Dam which is threatening the life of over thirty five lakh of people living in the downstream. This ancient dam for which the builder estimated a life of fifty years has already passed its expiry date by another 66 years and has become a disputed territory between two South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
This dam has a height of 54 meters Protected content and a basement of 44.2 meters Protected content . It is built with a mixture of Lime stone and mortar. The area where the Dam situated has experienced minor tremors quiet recently which has raised serious concern among people living in the state of Kerala.
While looking at the history of this Dam was constructed over the headwaters of the Periyar River in Protected content southern Indian state of Kerala, India. The dam was leased to Indian Secretory of State while Travancore or the then Kerala Royal Government was ruling over this premises in the year of Protected content . The lease was for a whopping Protected content period. The lease was signed by the then king Vishakam Thirunal of Travancore and State Secretary of Madras State which was under British rule. The lease was made under tremendous and constant pressure on the king by the British almost for over Protected content . The lease indenture inter alia granted full right, power and liberty to construct, make and carry out on the leased land and to use exclusively when constructed, made and carried out all such irrigation works and other works ancillary there to Secretary of State for Tamil Nadu which was part of then India under British rule. The agreement was to give Protected content of land for the reservoir and another Protected content to construct the dam. The dam is now operated by the Government of Tamil Nadu under the so called lease agreement made during erstwhile British colonial rule.
This is currently holding the status of a water bomb threatening the life of millions of population and its seriousness is highlighted neither by the Government of India nor by international Human Right activists. Shall we remain silent until the worst tragedy strikes at one of the most beautiful land in the world hailed by National Geographic Traveler as one of the top 50 places of the world to visit?

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