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Travel Junkie at heart

I'm about to leave for Nigeria, tomorrow, actually. (I currently reside in Arizona, USA) Why? Good question.
See, I'm 70 years young, retired, in great health, have plenty of time, and I love to travel. There are just so many places to see, so many people to meet.
I also love to write and take pictures. Again, the supply of scenes and experiences is endless. I like to help people with their difficulties, and find equitable solutions to these difficulties, in a variety of disciplines.
My travel heroes? Well, that would have to be Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain. These guys have the most enviable job on the planet. They get to go from place to place, stay in all kinds of cool places, eat all kinds of interesting (and not so tasty) foods, and make video documentaries about their experiences.
I'll be in Nigeria for 2 months as a technical consultant. It pays the bills. After that? Unknown.
I would love to find a job in the travel industry that requires me to travel. Pay is not important, as long as expenses are covered. I will go just about anywhere, if asked.
When I was working in process control, my niche was troubleshooting. I have the ability of finding out where the "hang ups" are, and get the process working smoothly again. I have found that this ability works in all kinds of enterprise, and human experiences. I envision working with travel carriers, hotels, and eateries, helping them recognize "money drains", and/or customer service turn-offs, and adjusting how they do business, in order to maximize efficiency. After all, what good is recognizing a problem, if you have no idea how to fix it?
So if you're looking for someone like this, let me know. I am extremely loyal, honest, and trust worthy. I have a work ethic, that won't quit. (pun intended) Email me, let's talk about it. Protected content

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