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Travel team wanted for 5 years travel adventures


Travel team wanted for 5 years travel adventures

I have been thinking about this idea for the last 3 years and have more or less all set up, now it is about time

I wish this trip to be extremely intense and full of adventure, but also challening at the level of self organization. We will implement many lifestyle travel strategies and be very creative about the sustainability of the trip, as well as about keeping our standard businesses on running, so it will be ablended-adventure business project.

Some months will be planned for each continent, and several gathering points, and projects.
As it will be a lifestyle travel adventure it means we will engage also into projects while living abroad.

if you would like to join the travel team for 3 months up to 1 year or more, let me know!

Destinations: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa.

Long life living abroad traveling!


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