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travel to andalucia - any suggestions?


Hi everybody,
I'm going to andalusia from 18 to 25 July but i have not decided yet the location where to stay (I'll will fly to granada and fly back to Bruxelles from Malaga airport). I'm going alone and will move around with public means. I would like to stay in a nice place close to the seaside with good bus connections in order to have the posibility of one-day trips to Cordoba and Granada and other places in the area, take a ferry to go marocco and at the same time go to the beach and enjoy summer holiday...
I heard and read many controversial opinions on torremolinos, and the villages in costa del sol so i'm a bit confused... could someone help me and give any good ideas? Could Marbella be a good solution?
thanks a lot in advance to all of you for your help!!

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