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Travelers on air radio show ....

Travelers on air radio show ....

I wish you like the show, we are reactivating it

if you would like to share about your travel adventures, i will be more than happy to listen to your travel stories

Luis Daniel

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Travelers on air is a radio-video show created by lifestyle travelers for the travel community. We share cocreative dialogs, know travelers lifestyle, vision, mission, adventures, projects and passions. " Listen, with every breath, you are traveling! With the living earth you are following the sun among the multiverse, within yourself, an endless travel is now taking place, in your senses, emotions, thoughts, awareness, consciousness and ability to create who you are! Travel! and along your travel create and share a holosustainable way of living! Be a lifestyle traveler!" by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken your host at "Travelers on air" Protected content *** ORIGENS *** The travelers on air show have been reactivated in january Protected content . Its first official show was on a radio station in a small town in Peru, while we (travelers) passed through and wished to announce a travel gathering and share information about an exchange project with locals taking plce that week. We had so much fun with the interview that we start thinking about interacting with media for connecting with the location and sharing about our travel projects. Following years the idea of hosting a show for lifestyle travelers, communitary development, global citizenship and personal development was taking form. in Protected content collaboration with a local radio station of a small town in a valle i will continuesly vist and stay for a longer project in Protected content , and my NGO Travelers culture international association ( Protected content ). We hosted a 3 hours show, with travelers interviews and organized gatherings and events with travelers that will be also live streamed on the raadio. In following years, i will create an online show or MP3 show that i will share by email, while finally BTR offered a great possibility to host our show as well as

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