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A commonality or rarity, truth is always mighty
A bitter-sweet enemy or friend of humanity
It can on occasions be a deviation from reality
It hurts sometimes, but nevertheless is sanity

Truth can cause pain; accused of stupidity
Still it can heal, save yet be referred as oddity
It can create enemies and seen as foolhardy
Consoling as it is, truth is also magnanimity

Sometimes we are punished for upholding
We might be hated, outcaste for dispensing
Many a time, it’s an assault on the hearing
While we seek; yet we avoid when fearing

Truth is rare yet it’s common and prevailing
It permeates often invisibly; and it’s revealing
Often it’s unwelcomed and denied its bearing
Many profess it but very few are forthcoming

Truth is often a matter of interpretation
What matters is our conscience’s divination
For truth is sincerity; there’s no division
Honesty’s conscientiousness with no condition

It’s belief and commitment in conciliation
Truth is not negotiable nor is it about concession
Lies, pretences, and self-denial are in capitulation
It’s the causation of what’s actual; in revelation

Dwelling with dignity, congeniality and sympathy
Truth is justice and would not condone apathy
It commensurate with what’s right and hearty
Never giving way to connive or foul atrocity

But somehow has become rare and a novelty
It harbours no hate, scorn, spite nor animosity
There is always fairness and never impropriety
There is always respect and never disparity

Where is truth; why is it so elusive?
Why can’t we stick to it; why be abusive?
Is it still alive; or lay dying - but I believe
It resides within all of us; waiting to receive

Its call of duty; to emerge and be active
It begs not to be subdued; but in retrieve
So that we may all exists; and achieve
Our true vocations and not ever deceive

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