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If seeing is believing, then please study the EVIDENCE..
The policeman never got shot!.. bullet fired at side of head and NO blood.. anyone who knows AK47's will tell you his brains would have been splattered on the pavement! The guy who supposedly pledges his alliance to ISIS met with the French President in Protected content INSIDE JOB!! Protected content
And another suspect met with FBI! Protected content
Protected content PROOF GUNSHOT at SIDE of head
This link was the best video but NO surprise Youtube removed it for "shocking and disgusting content" which is what happens when you PROVE their ""official" version is wrong.. there was no blood or grim scenes to justify their removal, but this is what they and FEDSbook do, also removing channels, posts and accounts that they find threatening to their lies and BS!.. Protected content
Also please note in Boston.. bombs do NOT tear trousers into tatters then when you look at the mans skin NO mark, scratch or bruise!!... In Protected content do NOT burn and collapse and then a passport of the “terr0rist lies neatly on TOP of the rubble unmarked!!.. . In Pakistan Massacre ' PEOPLE DO NOT DIE TWICE!! but they show a photo of one of the “DEAD” sandy hook kids!!! ... PROOF¬ Protected content and PS NO KIDS DIED AT SANDY HOOK.. THEY ARE ALIVE AND HERE IS PROOF WITH FACIAL RECOGNITION..
Protected content

They are doing all these things to make SHeeple believe there are many maniacs with guns so they can disarm US Citizens before they bring in Martial Law, also to scam people out of MILLIONS with hoax charity funds/scams, and also to cause civil war in Europe between Muslims and Non Muslims

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