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Trying to find a job in sarawak(malaysia).

Hi everybody;i am looking to find a job in sarawak-malaysia because my girlfriend lives there and i want to start a new life with her.
It has been very hard so far to get one over there sinds foreigners mostly comes second place after the own people...logically offcourse but i need so get some solid information how to proceed right now...i just applied with several random companies there but not any luck so far.
I also didn't had a high education what makes things more difficult but i believe when you willing to do anything then there must be a way to get there.
I was a very professional athlete for many years and i achieved many things and won many titles so maybe i can give training lessons...besides that i have wharehouse experience...production work i have done and i also have worked at the postal service....maybe none of these are relevant for jobs over there but i name them just in case.if there is someone who can help me i would be very greatfull....if i need to start all over with a company then i am prepared to do it as long as i have the oppurtunity to start a new life with my girlfriend...
Thank you;Eddy v/d Made.

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