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Tunisia Travel: Advice Please

Hello Internations!
I'm an American on a gap year presently living in France, but will need to leave at the end of November given my tourist Visa restrictions. I intend to continue living in a French-speaking country while pursuing my online and general worldly studies, and have thus navigated my intent to Tunisia.
What, in general should I know of the country? I understand the political situation is relatively stable, and I should be able to get by for ~$25 or less a day if I play my cards right. However, some questions continue to rise;
Is Tunisia a truly bilingual nation? Is French (discernible French) spoken everywhere?
What is the best way to secure an apartment?
Does anyone know if there is anything I should know as an traveling as an American in particular?
...and, as having little experience in this these matters, what would be the best way to find an international community once there?
Much thanks,

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