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All of nature is made up of two forces that exist within it: the force of reception and the force of bestowal. What is special in our time is that we are on the verge of discovering forces of bestowal in the world. We still do not have the correct tools to know how to use the force of bestowal properly or optimally. In fact, society at large is still in its infancy in this regard and even more accurately is a baby that has not yet been born. The truth is that you may not want to accept this fact, but it is difficult to reject it.
Until today we could manage because we were mainly driven by the ego, and our development was natural and inevitable. The same form developed from generation to generation to fill the material spaces throughout time. Each historic period was characterized by various transformations but they all had a common denominator: to bring us to the limit of our private material abilities, which is our ticket into the new general world.

The forces of bestowal are beginning to operate in our world, but still not with our conscious participation. To bestow, meaning receiving something beyond the norm in return for what I give, was not possible until now. Of course, we can give money to the poor all over the world, but in return for this action, we gain the respect of others, or if we do it anonymously, we still achieve personal satisfaction / and is still hidden ego and we are performing this type of giving. But to bestow simply for the sake of bestowal, for the general good, in which all the profits from my work will go toward the general good; that is still very far from us.

What could be the "turning" point for this new World of general global good?

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