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UN flies Palestinian flag

Our best wishes to the people whom the flag represents, may they develop into a law-abiding democracy (in a predominantly undemocratic region) that respects life, liberty, the pursuit of welfare, and the rule of law that roots out and punishes corruption. May they also create the stable social, economic and political infrastructures to produce high-value added jobs and to attract global investments for their economy. May they also entice highly educated expats to immigrate there and contribute toward the building of a multi-cultural nation rooted in the arts and sciences. May they teach their children the value of peace and education to become scholars and builders in their generation and for generations to come. May some of their children grow up to be talented musicians, conductors, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, and peace workers. May they invent world-changing technologies and attract R&D start-ups to power the global hi-tech economy, and foster the growth of world-class universities. May they welcome innovation, change, progress and the equality of women and the weak. May they grow into a self-reliant community of free citizens.

Wait, I'm describing Israel....

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