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Unespected quality

Today I experienced the rare WOW effect in dealing with a company: some time ago I bought something on eBay for 12 euro, paied it by PayPal and waited. I never got it and I submitted the case to PayPal.
The seller confirmed the shipment, I confirmed that I did not receive the item, I got a call by a lawyer at eBay and after a frienly talk she told me that they will evaluate the case. After 2 days the money was back on my account, and it did not come from the seller's account but by eBay!
I never expected such a smooth and fast solution and I must praise eBay for this. I cannot think of any other company who ever gave me such a good feeling of reliability.
Can you report any similar cases? not only with eBay, any other positive experience in dealing with services or companies.

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