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Upcoming Festivals?

Hi all,

We're nearing that time when festivals will be popping up left, right and center!

What are some upcoming festivals that you know of? I will be definitely attending some that you may suggest, but thought I would start planning in advance to make sure I vist the ones I'd like to, get time off work at the appropriate times, etc...

So far, I am getting a bit of a head start and am visiting a friend in Munich this upcoming weekend, for other reasons, but to also check out the Starkbierfest. (Munich's secret beer festival!)

"Starkbier is a strong beer which is consumed in Germany during Lent. The "strength" of the beer is not referring to the alcohol content, instead it describes the concentration of dissolved solids: the starch, sugars, proteins and minerals. The technical name for these solids is the "Wort". "

But let me know what festival you think is worthy of a visit! (If not this year, maybe the following?)


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