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US Donor - alas, Italian 11 year old girl - HOAX.


EDIT: We have since learned that the report about a US and/or other non-willing donors for reasons relating to Giada's nationality was a hoax - and a sick one at that, given that this was about a terminally ill child. My heartfelt thanks to all participants for their wise, humane and compassionate responses - truly appreciated.

It is with great sadness - and more than just a little anger - that I turned on the TV this afternoon to learn that a US bone marrow donor refused to donate his bone marrow to an 11 year old girl, for the simple reason that she was Italian and not American. Giada Lunardon died today.

This is the only online material available so far:

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I'll keep monitoring the online news feeds - and I'm compelled to add this:

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The last link may dispel some Italian stereotypes, Al Capone, spaghetti eaters, WOPs, and cowardly soldiers come to mind.

My question is this: Italian contributions to the USA notwithstanding, what is this world coming to?

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