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USA Expats: Request Your Absentee Ballot Today!

Attention all USA expats,

There are millions (yes, millions...between Protected content of American students, expats and military personnel currently living outside of the USA. As the general election for President grows closer, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the future leadership of America.

I am writing today to remind all the Americans living abroad to request an absentee ballot...and soon. Most deadlines for this are during the first week of October. My colleagues and I did it online together and I can assure you that the process is simple and needless to say, VERY IMPORTANT. You simply go to this website, look up your state of residence, and complete the ballot request: Protected content

Before moving abroad, the bulk of my career was spent on legal issues and legislative relations. Perhaps one of the most meaningful moments of my professional life was launching a campaign in NYC encouraging low-income, young people to vote. I write this message today to implore you to vote, no matter where you live.

Remember that your vote is a precious right, not to be overlooked, ignored, or forgotten. Our country worked hard to ensure that we have this right...honor it. Think of the 15th Amendment of the Constitution, which afforded voting rights to all men, no matter what "race, color, or previous condition of servitude." Then, consider the 19th Amendment, only passed in Protected content , finally giving women the right to vote. Also, think about the benefits of living in a democracy; with dozens of countries without a democratic government today, we should embrace our right to vote rather than fail to embrace it.

In the Protected content election, sadly only 57% of eligible voters actually voted. Even more alarmingly, in Protected content people voted for American Idol than for the President of the United States of America.

Please please register to vote and/or request your absentee ballot today.....before it's too late. Visit this site to learn more: Protected content

Happy voting, Vuka

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