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USA talking points.

Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP scandal. I can understand the talking points concerning Benghazi. However, it has been proven that the practice of the IRS targeting groups was in place since the Bush Administration.

It seems as if the Republicans are overreaching. In my opinion they are tying these latest events to talking points that have zero relevance to the President. Sounds like they're campaigning for Protected content .

It is also my belief that they are trying too hard to destroy this presidency, it will come right back to bite them in the ass.

The IRS I do believe needs to be revamped, no doubt. On the subject of the AP, yes lets dig into this some more but don’t forget the free press also has a responsibility to the public as well. If the AP was in the process of releasing information that could have compromised security and our country at large then it would have been justifiable to take the action that was taken. I would like to close this out by saying I am tired of the media selling despair and the American public buying it.

Let's buy this certainty. We are the land of the free, so free that on July4th, we will have a bunch of gun touting hooligans to march on our capital. No where else in this world could this sort of thing happens. What the people of our society need to do is this: Give all of those senators and congressmen their walking tickets and kick them out of DC.

The ones who for the last four years have spent their time bashing our president-instead of working with him to accomplish the best for this great country.
Ann Douglas Aase

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