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USA the best friend!

Stop constantly criticizing the USA, they have some defaults, nobody is perfect, but for me it's one of the best country in the world. If each person, put their hand in your conscience, he gonna reach at the conclusion, than the country where he lives, perhaps is not better. When a country have a catastrophe, like haiti and they even did a show to collect money with live performences or in Protected content the tsunami in Indian ocean and not forgeting the two world wars, the first country to reach out for help, it's always USA.
I think, what people feel in relation with USA, is not hate, it's more jealousies.
Almost everything was invented in USA and many times, what the others do, USA does better. If was not USA, maybe now i not were writing this post, because maybe nobody still had invented the computer. So we need stop criticizing continually the USA, because they are self-catering and may live alone, but the rest of the world need them. If the economy of USA collapse, the economies of the rest of the world, collapse also.

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