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Visa Question: Shanghai

Hi guys,

Hoping some transplants or frequent travelers to China can help me out. I am applying for a job that requires frequent travel to China. For the visa, will I be asked to submit a Certificate of No Criminal Convictions?

I have a delay/obstruct justice charge (US Misdemeanor) from Protected content . Back in college, I decided it would be a good idea to run from the cops after being caught trespassing. Unfortunately, I didn't get away and now I am stuck with this charge.

My questions are this:
1) Will I be required to complete a CNCR when applying for the visa for Shanghai? I see that it is required for Beijing, but I can't tell whether it's required for Shanghai.
2) If the CNCR is required, how strict are they? Will they refuse to issue a visa over a minor misdemeanor? Unfortunately, expunging isn't an option for another six months or so, while I am still under (informal) probation.

If anyone has recent knowledge on this subject it would be appreciated. I know that the law changed in July of Protected content .

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