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Not a day goes by without scenes of warfare or famine, arbitrary arrest, torture, rape, murder, expulsion, transfer of population, and ethnic cleansing. Not a day goes by without reports of attacks on the most fundamental freedoms. Not a day goes by without reminders of racism and the excesses it breeds, underdevelopment and ravages it causes.

Protected content Ghali, B. Protected content

The above epigraph depicts the reality of situations the world has experienced and still experiencing, and their causes. It also lays credence to the fact that non-observance or disrespect of fundamental human rights is largely responsible for imbalances (crises) in the world.
As much have being said and written about World Crises and their causes, I would like to confer the premise of this discussion to how we can provide solutions or ensure a peaceful world.
Apart from my submission in my former topic titled, HOW CAN WE ENSURE A PEACEFUL WORLD? it is imperative to consider the proverbial words of Annan Protected content Boutros-Ghali Protected content grant a point and in concluding this discussion. They said respectively that:

And as this…bloody history has taught us, the absence of human rights is more than a denial of human dignity; it is also at the root of the poverty and political violence that plague our world.

As an absolute yardstick, human rights constitute the common language of humanity. Adopting this language allows all people to understand others and to be the authors of their own history. Human rights by definition are the ultimate norms of all politics.

Thus, my questions still remain, what sort of place should our world be? A violent place? Or a peaceful place? And how can we ensure a peaceful world?

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