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Walking in St Petersburg

The history of Malaya Sadovaya street
Small Garden Street is sandwiched between the Nevsky Prospekt and the Italian street in the Protected content . Originally it was called the New alley since Protected content street, built on years of Protected content in the palace of Count Shuvalov, a favorite of the Empress Elizabeth. All the odd side of the street at that time was owned by Shuvalov. On the part of the palace of the Italian streets, further on Small Garden - garden, fenced off from the street wall.
Since Protected content , the street was named the Small Garden. It was a place of attraction of Alexander II. When in the park across from the street through Nevsky Prospect opened a monument to Catherine II, the street has changed its name to Catherine's Protected content .
Outbuilding house number 8 in Protected content the "Store of Russian goods E. Kobozeva." These rooms were used by members of the party "People's Will" for the attempt on the Emperor Alexander II. From the basement beneath the street they were digging a tunnel for laying mines. However, on the day of the planned assassination emperor changed his route. He did not go on the Little Garden street, but that did not save him from death.
At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, the house number 8 restaurant opened Fedorov. Here, just 10 cents you can get a glass of vodka and sandwich with boiled pork. Visitors themselves recruited sandwiches and were calculated only when leaving. For the amount eaten bartender obviously could not keep track of, and used some of it. It is said that adjusting its financial affairs of such people sending money to Fedorov thank-you letter. In the years Protected content a merchant family of brothers Eliseevyh the house was built on the corner of Little Park Street and Nevsky Prospect, now known as the "Eliseevskiy" department store.
In Protected content , at the corner of Small Garden and the Italian streets was built the Nobility. Now this building is known as the "Home Radio", there is a studio in St. Petersburg 5th channel.
In Protected content street was renamed the street Proletkult, the Open is the Palace of the proletarian culture. In Protected content returned to the former name of the street.
In Protected content , the Small Garden after Minor Stables has become a pedestrian zone. One of the attractions - a fountain with a granite ball. Street is known for small sculpture. There have installed a bronze statue of a photographer at the eaves of houses sit two cats. Under the granite slabs laid the heating pipes. As a result, winter pavement never freezes, the snow melts quickly and does not form ice. This is so far the only street in the city with the "heated".
Small Garden shortest street in St. Petersburg. Its total length is Protected content .
Opposite the studio of Channel 5 in the Little Garden street often filmed interviews with passers-by. Nevsky Prospekt between the sidewalk and a fountain in the summer in good weather are the street performers.

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