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Want to produce documentaries about Syria

Hi, I am Canadian and originally from Syria, speaks fluently Arabic and English, and currently live in the Middle East. I am very sad of the human tragedy taking place in Syria, war crimes, miserable human conditions for refugees; and very concerned of the deep penetration of fanatic ideology in the innocent fabric of a peaceful uprising. I am not a documentary professional, but I am determined to contribute to this movement and its honorable cause. There are probably thousands of stories that can be told about the Syrian people and their struggle for freedom and human dignity and I would like to have a chance to capture these stories so the future generations around the globe can read about. If you are a documentary professional, looking to make a story that tells the truth about these silent heroes, I would like to partner with you. I can offer translation, good understanding of the complex social fabric of Syria, and would offer my time as a volunteer. What I am looking for is to collect facts about ordinary people suffering, women, children and elderly. I am not interested to talk about war lords or fighting forces. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

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