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WARNING: Safety/Security - How to protect IN Net?

Safety/Security WARNING: why & how to protect your ONLINE Network (Internations)?

The following text i posted recently in onw of my blogs, and thought would be a general interesting and relevant issue for discussion at IN World Forum.

Maybe you could ad advice, cases, eperiences or wisdom on this topyc of common interest.

Here we go:


Atention please: How to Protect Your network/project ?

It is extremely important you review the following information.

For any Safety/security cases, reports, warnings or to contact a your Network Safety/Security advicer please

The following could take place at networks online and at location-based networks

When we talk about a social network, we agree that there is no particular goal or plan involved, while when we talk about networks of individuals working or sharing a common development plan, where intentions good will, transperency, resources sharing and collaboration need are one of the values of the organization, such type of network, is nowdays endangered.

What can you do? why?


New members join, take responsibility/network/project jobs, suddenly start playing a double agenda. Or others just join as customers.

Within the network, under the name and concept of its creator, another network will try to provide service, use the network as the platform of their operations, or proselitism, or take over and control (network-slow-mass control) claiming:

Political views
Religion Views
Cultural Views
Business Offers
Ilegal business offers

It is important for you to know how those individuals and networks behave.

They only nurture themselves from networks founders work, and despite the original concepts, manipulate an important amount of network members, plus bring their own teams, to work on other projects that were not planned not promoted by the original network.

Why you need to be careful about them?

0. They might engage into underground or ilegal acts
1. They consume networks and projects resources
2. They utilize your network for own sake.
3. They Try to get militants to their causes by hijacking others people work.
4. They will end up destroying the original network.
5. They would infilitrate in the original network with lies and falls documents.


Some examples of the achievements of those people are: forced crowdsourcing (forced share holders). It means they break a company financially, to later invent they actually wanted to show its owner that they are the ones that have the power to control the people of the network (and not the original team).

Examples are that while sabotage, they build a network or company with same profile, (or utilize the original company as a mask for underground operations); or take all know how by copy pasting it to other sites, and force the original owner to give his/her company away, or let it die.

In some cases some original owners are convinced/üushed to act against their own projects by will/force/threatening/created-legal issues by those circles of people.

In other cases the managers or business owners will be pushed to follow those third party individuals wishes. They might create, while sabotage, a paralel company to later invite the CEO of the original company, after his/her financial crash, to work for them. With the argument " we are the mayority, we are here the ones that tell what your future will be, how all should go! and who gets the benefits of the company!"


As you can imagine, hackers, and extremist political movements, playing democracy arguments, are behind this kind of atacks. One of their main arguments is that everything have to be shared equaly.

On the other side, could be also an act developed by underground organizations that operate behind the law.


It is very simple.

Know who are the individuals in the network that have responsibility and authority to represent the network.
Care that their work would be consistant with the network intent, CEO and Owner original concepts.
Inform your network managers if any member with responsibility or function in the network or a new member intent to hijack or sell services that are not provided by the network yet or other ones that enter into competition.

For more information, warnings or advice, contact your own network security/safety advicer

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