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Ways to keep friendship/relationship alive


A. Since friendship, feeling ,relationship so brittly transient,does the additive of superficial surfing of surface gives it longer shelf life?

B. The upward mobility risky relationship from stable friendship ,is it wise move or deadly?

C. Does sex solidifies friendship or it destroys it as a possessive bully boy of exclusivity.

D. Is romantic feeling a fond weakness prompted by nature or a fallacy of not being honest with self true intention.

E. Does love take us to a responsible resolution of responsibility or throw us in the cradle of myriad confusion.

F. Falling in love with one person ,does it limit our inherent inclination to find our true identity in the common commonality with many more people of same attributes that we like but society and laws frowns on.

G. Being faithful to our spouse,does it make us unfaithful to our own attraction to multiple choice ?

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