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We build a society of "communistic" jealousy?


Of course not every human of the 7 billion can have a villa with swimming pool and one or more over Protected content cars in the garage.
But it is the wrong direction to say some people shouldn’t have so much; the better way is some people should have more. The feeling is very different, the psychological effect on us.
For example the debate about the salaries of top managers to limit them, I think it is the wrong direction, and it is unnatural. It is better to say, no human should starve, or to die of thirst, to freeze, or extradited to anyone else, and so on, and it is better to work on this, if someone wants REALLY to change the world. The other direction is jealousy pure, like the communistic “revolution”. The Animal Farm of Orwell is really the best description of it.

But how could this basic supply for all humans look like? So step by step, I think.
The first: no one should freeze to death.
The second step should be, nobody should die of thirst.
The third: no one should die of starvation,

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