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We would like to move to New Zealand.

My wife and I have been doing our research for locations with high prospects for us to move to. Being highly intellectual Americans, we do not agree with any of the current goings-on in our home country and are making plans to vacate as soon as we are able to do so. We have made this decision in an attempt to provide a better overall life for our current daughter and planned second child.

We have only being researching New Zealand for the better part of a week, so we understand that there is far more to learn and study before we can even consider relocating. Please bare in mind that this is not the only location we are currently studying, but the highest on our very short list of prospective potentials.

That being said, I am a 31 year old, Caucasian male with approximately 16 years worth of work experience. I attempted to serve in the American armed forces, but was quickly discharged due to medical reasons stemming from a hereditary heart defect. I then attempted to acquire my degree in Social Sciences with an Emphasis on Education, but that also fell through when I was no longer able to afford the materials for the courses. From then on, I worked in multiple fields ranging from retail and customer service to my current field of manufacturing. Wherein, I specialize as a quality control technician for foundry work and a woodworker specializing in the production of wooden rifles. I have practiced many other trade skills and possess a firm confidence in my ability to hone those skills further. I am diligent worker with an ambition to learn and do well. No matter the task.

My wife, is a stay-at-home mother who tends to our daughter and our household. She has a severe form social anxiety disorder and does not interact well with others. This is a problem we are trying to work on, but it is a very slow process.

My daughter is now a year and a half old and developing quickly. We would like to provide her the greatest opportunities for growth and development that we can.

We are asking for guidance and insight from anyone who may have gone through this process already or those who are familiar with the process.

We thank any and all who respond with advice or insight and bid you all the best of days.



PS. We have every intention of making our move permanent. Should we succeed, it will be a one way trip.

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