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Well then . . . let's talk facebook . . .

Fraudulent Facebook ?

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“John Doe likes….penis-shaped waffles”

In addition Facebook is also using “dead members” as apart of the sponsored scheme.

The real icing on the cake was that the sponsored like did not show anywhere in my feed, it was oblivious to me however anyone connected to me would see it. My own interaction, opinion, knowledge and decision is thrown out of the window. It all happens unknowingly.

Theres apparently a way to opt out but how, I don’t really know?

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In MY book facebook IS and stays what it was from the start . . . fishy.

fb in my book is treating members like cattle - (ab)using for whatever fb feels like.

Anyone found the opt-out please post a link. Thanks.

Why this post in Politics & Society ? Well . . . Mr. Zuckerberg sitting in his T-Shirt next to Mrs. Merkel and other leaders . . . says it all, doesn't it ?

What say you ?

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