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Western women are losing the Essence of Femininity


What are your views on my perception that the behaviour and image of western women has led to the loss of the essence of her femininity
This post replaces my original post. I am replacing the original post in response to Melanie’s challenge which made me realise what was at the bottom of my original Forum post.
I want to make it clear that I have great respect for women and appreciate them more and more as I mature. The joy of seeing young girls chattering and giggling, the tenderness and dignity of older ladies, the many delightful feminine things a woman can do to bring simple pleasures, such as the way the women in Barcelona stick their tongue out when they say gracias (“gra – thee – as”), all of these things makes me respect and love them. But I have a great concern that western women are losing these gifts and are becoming less warm, less feminine, less gracious and I believe less happy.
So to paraphrase Melanie, I am concerned that the western woman has gone through a metamorphosis of economic growth and freedom to just be. But in the process I fear that she has lost the essence of her femininity. I believe that this behaviour of the modern western woman in today's society is detrimental to women and I am looking for ways to modify that behaviour and the image of women it portrays.
I will expand with a bit of background information. I am currently living in Barcelona and last Saturday popped into a bar for a quick beer. The bar was quite empty and the waitress was a young woman from Bulgaria. She was absolutely delightful. She just chatted away about this and that (and importantly was not at all flirtatious) and I found myself chatting away too. After twenty minutes I had to go but felt compelled to tell her that she had a lovely personality. Walking back afterwards I felt the world had suddenly become a better place.
This was a particular incident that illustrates a more general observation. I have noticed that while I have chatted and felt genuine warmth to women I meet in my travels from Eastern Europe, India and the Middle East, it is very rare that I feel the same way towards, and chat with, and feel warmth for, more western women. I have spoken of this with many men and almost without exception we agree that western women have lost many of their feminine gifts.
We would love for western women to regain those gifts. This does not stop women from getting top jobs and everything else that they desire. In fact as an exception to my comments on western women one of my British friends is the Chief Financial Officer of a UK company. In addition to being extremely intelligent and a pleasure to work with she is delightfully feminine without, in the slightest way, being a soft touch in her profession.
So my concluding question is:
What are your views on my perception that the behaviour and image of western women has led to the loss of the essence of her femininity
Just as a point of order – I am fully aware of man’s many faults so let us not make this a man v woman debate. Let’s try to concentrate on the issue I have raised.

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