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What do you all think about the independence of Kosovo??


I can´t say that I am thrilled with it. Before moving to Portugal, we lived in Ljubljana, Slovenia for 4 years. We followed this issue pretty closely. In fact, I can remember many debates over the dining room table with friends. Those debates changed my mind. Initially, I had the attitude that what the majority of people want (in a region), they should get. IOW, the vote should hold. Now, however, I just can´t see the wisdom of my country (and many others) supporting such a move.

Kosovo has never been independent, nor do they have the resources to maintain independence. They are going to be an extremely poor country of 2,000,000. Ethnically, they are of Albanian descent with about 10% being Serbians. There has never been such a thing as a Kosovarian. If this involved any other country besides Serbia, I don´t think this move would be supported.

Anyway, I am not an expert and I would love to hear your opinions, or corrections if I have my facts wrong.

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