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What do you think about Taksim . . .

. . . I asked my Turkish barber this morning and part of what he, a Muslim, Father of three and nice man replied to me was . . .

Take the alcohol law. It consists of a ban of selling alcohol within the radius of Protected content from a Mosque. Beyond that point everyone can do as they please. What is wrong with that ?

Purchase of alcohol is permitted until 10 pm. In France, I've heard, it's 8 pm. Also England has restrictions in this regard. Every country has its own law on alcohol.

The reason for the enhancement ? Too many lethal accidents due to alcohol abuse.

He also took a stance on the Alawites and their reasoning to influence what's going on in Turkey . . . and the Police Power used during the Blockupy protests in Frankfurt last week-end. Compared with Blockupy Frankfurt Protected content .

Finally he mentioned that Erdogan has been re-elected twice and has initiated many changes over the years that resulted in a very strong economical power of Turkey now.

Hmh . . .

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