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What happened to Ukraine can happen to any country


Please, let's all pray for the Protected content people and Protected content in Kiev in 2 days.
The number of dead people is growing all the time. Let's pray to God for peace on Earth. Because if it happened in the center of Europe in 21 century, it can happen just everywhere.

We're left alone on our territory with the criminals and the cruel government. I understand that EU and the USA is scared of Russia. I understand that they don't want to risk by stopping what is happening here right now.

So please, pray. Because God is the only one who is not scared. All the hopes of ukrainians are on God. We just want peace in our country.

I'm writing this from West Ukraine. I realize that they can start attacking us any moment. I understand that the green grass on the streets which has just started growing may be covered with blood very soon. Human blood.

It's not in Syria, it's not in Vietnam. It's here, in the geographical center of Europe. It's in Ukraine.

It is not a civil war. It's an attack of government against people who are tired of being slaves. The government took everything from us. It stole just everything. ANd now it's stealing our lives.

Please pray for us. We are all humans. We are all even. We all deserve a happy future. We all deserve life on Earth.

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