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What if Iran Got Some Nukes?


There seems to be a consensus among most conservative Americans, and some liberals too, that if Iran in fact were to develop the bomb, it would most definitely use it against Israel.

Completely absent from these discussions and assertions is any acknowledgement of the nukes already held by Israel* and the concept of “mutually assured destruction” of both countries which was the ultimate reality that kept the US and the former Soviet Union from ever “pushing the button” during the Cold War.

I am not about to advocate nuclear weapons for Iran, but isn’t it reasonable that any prohibition inflicted upon any Middle Eastern country to abstain from developing nuclear weapons also apply to Israel? Or, to put the question another way, should Israel be the only country in the Middle East “allowed” to have nuclear weapons even in the face of common sense that it is far more preferable that no country in the Middle East have them?

*”According to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Federation of American Scientists, Israel likely possesses around 75–200 nuclear weapons.[20][67] The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates that Israel has approximately 80 intact nuclear weapons, of which 50 are for delivery by Jericho II medium-range ballistic missiles and 30 are gravity bombs for delivery by aircraft. SIPRI also reports that there was renewed speculation in Protected content Israel may also have developed nuclear-capable submarine-launched cruise missiles.[68]”

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