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What is behind Russia (Ukrania) COLD WAR?


How are you feeling regarding Russia-Ukrainia events?

As you know i ma quite familiar with the other side of the story regarding spirtual issues and interestes associated to economy, science, industry and earth geopolitis (history)

On my side of the world, the Vedic-Russian movement roothed by tradition in russia, have been perceived as one source of extremist nationalism, as for their use of the symbols associated to the swastica.

For the ones that doesnt know it, there are several swastica type of symbols associated to several religions and cultures, which doesnt mean extremist nationalism.

There is a growing network of readers of Anastasia Books, ringing cedars, that have been associated to the Vedic Russian movement.

(REF. Vedic ussia, cultural movement claims that Vedic culture in India has its ancient origines in russia)

In Ukrania, there have been refering to important extremist nationalist activity, while i am wondering if there are two networks overlapping: one dedicated to Vedic-Russia culture and another one to Extremist Nationalism?

I havent receive any feedback from the Vedic Russia Moevment or Anastasia (ringing cedars) network so far.

Any idea about, any of you?

Here few questions you might like to answer for me?

1. is it true that the Anastasia Network (or have been vedic russian network) in Ukrania have been perceived or included in the list of extremist nationalists?

2. Is USa pushing NATO to act agains RUssia and provocate war, as for recovering USA economy? (USA is in bankrupcy so far we know)

3. Is Germany being pushed as for its support to peaceful dialog with Russia, and intent to avoid war, as for Germany and Russia have strong business bounds. Would be an old claim on Anti-Extremist-Nationalist placed against germany as for its support to russia and peace?

4. Are you aware China investors have been trying to put hands on energy resources in Crimea area? Isnt now the economy restrictions to push EU, Russia, an indirect act for pushing China out of business in Crimea?

5. Are you aware that Krasnodar region (russia) is the third most important economy region in russia?

Is now war played as Pool Game, pushing corporations, investores in national politics and economy, and geopolitics, instead of diplomacy and military?

COLD war will be a BUSINESS war?

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