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What is free market economy?


On the one side of the Earth, maybe not only geographically, human rights are important, human dignity is important, employees have some rights, trade unions exist, and there are environmental regulations.

On the other side of the Earth, hundred millions work almost without any rights, without any dignity, trade unions does not exist or are corrupted, and there is no or very few environmental regulations really in use.

For me is this not an equal free market economy, disregarded the human resp. psychological state of those people in this posting!

I think for those products, in the countries with human rights, should be raised a tax of:
- Employee rights tax
- (Human dignity tax) – this is more a qualitative dimension
- Trade union tax
- Environmental regulation tax

In this case they cannot produce cheaper than another country with more human conventions.
And what can one do with the tax money, for example “Environmental regulation tax”?
It can be used to improve the environmental situation in the countries of the origin of the products, because environmental pollution doesn’t know any countries border.

Short term is an unbelievable unfair game so as is; long term who knows...???

Best Regards,

Endre Gáspár

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