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What is religious violence?


What is really religious violence, or, what is nonreligious violence?

In consideration of the human history there are some examples of nonreligious violence:
violence for power, violence because of the imperialism, violence because of the colonialism, violence because of the communism, violence because of the national socialism, violence to unify a country, violence during slavery, the fight for richness, fight for land, fight for gold, for oil, fight because you have to fight – the gladiators e.g. – fight for women, violence because of drugs like alcohol, and so on.

That all isn’t 100% nonreligious violence, but a very small part is sometimes a religious one, I think. For example the Ottoman Empire – a small part of the violence was religious, or during the colonialization on several parts of the world the same on the part of the Christians.

So what was/is really religious violence? Thirty Years' War in Europe was mostly a religious war, the conflicts between Shiite and Sunnite Muslims, the Inquisition, the Crusades.

We can also ask: How much violence was prevented because of the religion, because of compassion, or rules, or right practice!? A lot, I think!

I think that !!so about!! max. 5 % of all violent activities were/are really religious ones.

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