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What is the definition of an Expat?


i thought that being an "expat" is a term used to describe a person from another country working in another country.

how come i keep seeing some people being expats in their own country?
i am confused, you cannot be an expat in your own country.

going to another country as a tourist does not make you one either...
i want to make this point as i am "meeting" people who are like this and are more "full of themselves".

also, i would like to point out to some members not to freak out when a person of the same gender ask you to connect? for all i know this is not a dating site. so people are reaching out to meet people not only of the opposite sex.

im not expecting people to react on this thread a kinda noticed that there is a preference in replying.

how come legitimate expats being squeezed out?

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