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Forum Dedicated to Single Questions. Many questions may be on the table. We choose the question we wish to address. That way the answers are focused to that particular question.

Inviting anthropologists, sociologists, scientific minds, deep thinkers, Internet Researchers, Spiritual Growth Practitioners from all religious backgrounds to get involved in giving input to anyone's question.

What this forum is Not:
It is not a forum dedicated to one particular subject. It is not a forum that necessarily disappears when one subject is exhausted or has become so entangled that the focus is lost. We may have several questions on the table. We choose the conversation we wish to give input.

This forum belong to all of us All questions are of equal importance. No one owns this forum. It is a platform for all of us and we treat each other with respect.

Many members may have the occasional question that becomes important to them, not necessarily needing a single thread to be started, but would like conversation and a place to pose the question.

I'll get started.

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